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It’s official! We Aucklanders are so envious of the rest of New Zealand who are enjoying relative freedom! But what this also gives us is hope, knowing that this team of 5 million, will soon all be on the same level, and enjoying what most of the rest of the world can only dream about. Many of us have debated about what we should be doing in comparison to other countries. No-one actually knows, and only history may present us with some answers, and I am sure there will be differing opinions on that as well.

As Oscar Wilde quipped ‘To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect’

Please note the below messages from us:

NZQC is open. We at NZQC, have carried on with running our courses.

In house courses. All the August and September In-house courses have had to be transferred to later in the year or to 2022.

Public courses. All public courses, those that are on our website, have been turned into the virtual mode for September.

Inspection Body Accreditation Course is the only one that has been transferred to 10-11 November

We have received very positive comments for virtual training such as:

Despite being on Zoom and being a very dense subject new to me, he kept the course engaging and enjoyable. It was handled so well over Zoom that the fact it was digital was almost forgotten at times (the detriment of digital working was reduced effectively).

Please remain cognisant that these courses are not on-line but virtual and so are run in ‘real time’ with a facilitator always present.

As much as we would love a crystal ball to gaze into (would we really?) we cannot predict what will happen, this year, or any time in the future. We thank you for the flexibility you have already shown and request the same for the near future with regard to any travel plans, for when we go back to ‘face to face’ courses.

Some good news! The course dates for 2022 should be available in late October on our website. Please keep an eye out for that in October.

 Check out our courses that interest you.

Kia Kaha. 

NZQC management

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In-House Courses

Most NZQC courses can be presented at your facility. This option allows the course content to be tailored to meet your requirements while allowing you to train 5-20 participants more effectively. Contact NZQC about in-house training on info@nzqc.co.nz.

21 Sep

Implementing and Auditing OHS Management Systems

* All prices EXCLUDE GST This four day course provides participants with the core competencies to both implement and audit occupational health and safety management systems that ensure they meet requirements...

24 Sep

OHS Management systems ISO 45001

* All prices EXCLUDE GST New International Health and Safety standard, ISO45001 This interactive course will update participants on current Health & Safety legislation so you can help your organisation to achieve...

28 Sep

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

* All prices EXCLUDE GST Gain a sound understanding of all the principles of the ISO 9001 standard, what they mean, why they exist and how they are applied. If you are...