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Winter is such a dreary season, apart from those of us who love winter sports and look forward to snow! A lot of the country looks picture perfect with the snow-capped mountains and dramatic scenery that winter provides. But behind all of this we are thinking of those affected by the recent flooding all over the country and hope the clean-up is not too arduous in this winter period. I am always proud of the many New Zealanders who bandy together and volunteer their help and skills to those in need. Thank you.

Looking ahead to the more positive season of spring (at the time of writing only 41 days away!) we have the new Risk Management Practitioner course on the 13-14 September which only has a few spaces left. The purpose of this course is to provide existing risk management practitioners with the opportunity to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills to design, develop and implement a risk management framework within their organisations as part of their governance commitment. It is suitable for:
• Experienced Risk Management Professionals who are responsible for the successful implementation and ongoing management of enterprise risk management systems.

• Managers in a leadership role – at a corporate, divisional or departmental level of an organisation who are required to manage risk as part of ongoing governance.
Please click on the Management Systems hyperlink, on this page, for more information on Risk Management Practitioner and to enrol.

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Kia Kaha. 

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Most NZQC courses can be presented at your facility. This option allows the course content to be tailored to meet your requirements while allowing you to train 5-20 participants more effectively. Contact NZQC about in-house training on

02 Aug

Management Systems Auditing

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04 Aug

Internal Audits

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11 Aug

Laboratory Quality Management

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