Analytical Method Validation

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It is a requirement of ISO/IEC 17025, that accredited laboratories use appropriate methods and procedures for all laboratory activities. Laboratories are required to verify that they can correctly perform a method before introducing them. The importance of correctly validated methods cannot be understated as while the client has an expectation that any reported results are correct, it also gives reporting laboratory staff confidence in their results.
This one day workshop will introduce participants to the concepts and approaches to method validation. This workshop will be interactive and participants are encouraged to bring a method to the workshop that they intend to validate in the laboratory.
It is recommended that participants also attend the Measurement Uncertainty workshop as all the statistics used in this course will be covered in the Measurement Uncertainty course and will not be repeated.
This workshop will consist of sessions that will include topics on:
• The requirements of ISO/IEC 17025;
• Statistics used for method validation;
• The validation plan;
• Performance characteristics evaluated, such as selectivity, precision and bias;

Throughout the sessions there will be worked examples. Workshop participants should bring a laptop with them with Microsoft Excel installed.

Target Group
This course is designed for laboratory personnel and managers to learn about the concepts and process of method validation and apply that knowledge in the laboratory as required. While the emphasis of this course is on chemical testing, the principles are also applicable to biological or bioanalytical testing.

Other staff would also find the course of value. For example, senior staff may wish to understand the details of validation for a variety of reasons including personal development or organisational planning. Graduates would benefit for knowledge update. Laboratory and supervisory staff would benefit through more meaningful conduct of routine testing and interpretation of validation / verification data.

We would recommend that the Measurement Uncertainty course is undertaken first

The presenter is Gerhard Wevers, a senior forensic scientist at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Ltd. Gerhard has presented internationally on topics such as statistics and evidence interpretation.

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Workshop Details

17 June 2021

Day Course