Technical Competence Trio

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The Technical Competence Trio comprises Analytical Method Validation, Measurement Uncertainty and Metrological Traceability.

They are requirements for competence, as specified in the International Standard NZS ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (substantially structurally changed from the previous edition) and necessary for accreditation.

Users of laboratory measurements need to be assured that analytical methods are validated for their intended purpose, have known confidence levels and have comparability in time and space, whether local or international.

 This interactive one day course provides guidance on principles and laboratory processes that allow user needs to be met. It is intended as an overview and is applicable to a laboratory for both Validation and Verification of standard methods. By attending this one day course, participants should be able to:

  • Promote the necessity, outline the stages and enumerate the considerable benefits of conducting Analytical Method Validation;
  • Recall the principles of Measurement Uncertainty estimations obtained by various methods, including use of validation data;
  • Identify requirements and procedures that achieve Traceability for analytical results;
  • Apply their updated knowledge of the Technical Competence Trio© to improve practices and management associated with their laboratory.

 Target Group

This one day course is designed for managers and laboratory analysts who would benefit from an understanding of the three competence requirements, applied for more meaningful day-to-day laboratory operation and testing. While the emphasis in this course is on chemical testing, the principles are also applicable to biological and bioanalytical laboratories. Other staff would also find the course of value. For example, senior staff would benefit from the planning, knowledge or management perspective and junior staff from a technical or educational perspective.

 Participants are welcome to bring a short method that requires validation or verification.


Dr Eveline Baker is an enthusiastic scientist, regarded as a highly motivational, inspiring presenter. She has significant experience in management, education and training, pure research, product development and applied research.  Dr Baker has designed, developed written and delivered scientific, technical and management courses over a broad range of education and experience levels, to postgraduate, managerial and practitioner.

 Comments on recent feedback forms include

Very interactive, encouraging, open and willing to share experiences…’

‘Knowledge of topic was amazing and could easily trouble shoot for the diverse group’

‘Very well presented by a dynamic open presenter on a challenging topic’.

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Workshop Details

03 September 2019

Day Course