Farewell to Alan Sheath

17 Dec 2020

After more than 25 years of training with us at NZQC, Alan Sheath has finally decided to hang up his training hat. Alan led a stellar career as an auditor and trainer where his comprehensive auditing experience generously lent to an enriched training experience for course attendees in NZQC courses. Alan delivered training in our ISO9001 Quality Management Systems and Internal Auditing courses which was always well received as demonstrated time and again by the excellent evaluations from course attendees; something he used to pride himself on. 

Alan always used to say that "the courses were always about the attendees and as such they were his customers for the extent of the courses. Quality is everything we do and people are the key to everything."

In Alan, we will miss not only a very capable trainer but also a very great human being. For those of us who knew him well, Alan came across as an approachable, charming and witty gentleman with a great sense of humour. Practical minded and ever so grounded in reality, he brought life and meaning to subject matter in courses that would otherwise be considered dry. Alan was also quick to adapt which reflected his principles on continuous improvement. During lockdown, he was the first trainer to adopt virtual training in courses, later even becoming an adjunct trainer for others on how to do virtual training! 

Our CEO commented, 25 years is a long time of service that is very rare nowadays. We certainly agree and for which we also salute Alan for his long term dedication to training and preparing a multitude of future auditors and quality professionals for the industry. We are sure that they are indebted to your training contribution to their careers. On behalf of all of them NZQC thanks you, Alan, for all your have done and wishes you well for the next phase of life.

Farewell Alan! You will be missed. 

Farewell to Alan Sheath Image