Get Measuring And Validating

28 Apr 2021

This year, we are re-introducing our courses on traceability, measurement and uncertainty. The courses have been revised in format and content to be more workshop style and interactive in nature. For this reason, participants are expected to bring along either their own laptop with Microsoft Excel installed in it or a scientific calculator.

The first course is Measurement Uncertainty which is a two-day course and covers topics related to the calculation of measurement uncertainty as required by ISO/IEC 17025. Attendees will carry out various exercises throughout the course to assist with their understanding relating to measurement uncertainty.

 The course is designed for analysts and for technical managers of testing laboratories. Participants will be guided through the decisions on best approach for their applications along with instructions and practical exercises on model preparations and calculations to estimate uncertainty.

The second course is Method Validation which is a one-day workshop introducing participants to the concepts and approaches to method validation. Participants are encouraged to bring a method to the workshop that they intend to validate in the laboratory. It is highly recommended that participants enrolling for this course attend the Measurement Uncertainty course first as it will be based on a number of statistical principles that are covered in the Measurement Uncertainty Course.

 The course is designed for laboratory personnel and managers however other staff i.e. seniors or graduates could benefit in terms of personal development, organisational planning or knowledge update.

Both courses will be presented by Gerhard Wevers, a senior forensic scientist at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd. Gerhard has presented internationally on topics such as statistics and evidence interpretation.

So bring along your laptop or calculator and get into some measuring and validating fun! You can book for these courses here.

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