Introducing Kenneth Hannon

22 Mar 2021

We recently sat down with Kenneth Hannon, our new trainer for ISO 9001 and Internal Auditor training courses to find out a little bit more about him and share with our readers. 

From a background in Mechanical Engineering, a keen interest in trail running and a wealth of experience delivering training to organisations from Kaitaia to Invercargill and across the Pacific, it's safe to say Kenneth is a formidable force that we're excited to have as part of the team! 

Kenneth, please tell us a bit about yourself!

Formerly from Limerick in south-west Ireland, I came to New Zealand in 2000 with my partner on an OE which has lasted for 21 years! Auckland has been our home since we landed and we love the big city along with our circle of friends here and the many activities we participate in. My wife and I have two boys and a girl who are still at school and keep me busy every weekend with sports and activities. Work has me travel for audits and training at least every few weeks, and as much as I miss my family during this time; I do love to get around this beautiful land while sneaking in the odd trail run or two.

Wow, thanks Kenneth. Coming around to your excellent expertise as an auditor, what led you into the field of auditing as a profession?

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, I moved into Quality Engineering early in my career with some large corporates and gained some great learnings and experience auditing supplier quality around Europe. I was part of European Core Teams for ISO systems implementation and as part of these teams, attended Lead Auditor training. When I arrived in New Zealand, my first job as a Compliance Manager exposed me to New Zealand's health and safety practices, and from there, I decided to expand my knowledge further in this field and blend it with my quality and environmental experience. Over the past 20 years, I have assisted hundreds of businesses big and small with their safety, quality and environmental system needs from Kaitaia to Invercargill and even the pacific islands.

What aspects are there of training that you enjoy or look forward to?

I love to get in front of people and deliver the training in a way that is engaging and using my real-life stories and examples, with a pinch of humour as part of the learning experience. For me, it's all about people. I love working with groups and sharing ideas and problem-solving techniques. I see it as a privilege to pass on knowledge to others.

How do you like to spend time away from work?

I love running, especially trail running on some of the amazing trails Auckland and New Zealand has to offer. My most recent run was around Tongariro on a run called "The Goat" which I have done for a number of years with a group of friends. It is almost all uphill (1400m elevation) and by the end of it, your legs are just shredded! Camping, tramping and water sports are my other passions, with my wife and kids sharing this love of the great outdoors. 

What is your source of inspiration in your life?

My running inspires me; I set a distance or time goal and work towards achieving that goal. Similarly in business, I am a firm believer in delivering on what I promise, being punctual and giving clients value for money.

Would you have any inspirational message that you might like to share with our readers?

You have to love what you do, otherwise, what’s the point? Never give up. If it doesn't stick the first time, try and try again until it does.


Kenneth has hit the ground running (excuse the pun) and has already started delivering world-quality courses to our clients. His next course is in May, being delivered virtually. You can find out more here: ISO 9001 Management Systems 

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