Trainer the Trainers

22 Feb 2021

Recently, we held a very special event in which we had our trainers become learners for two very busy and exciting days. Commonly known as ‘Train the Trainer’, the course was designed to give our trainers the opportunity to get in the shoes of learners and experience what it is like. An experience which they don’t get very often but were only too eager to be on the ‘other side’ for a change!

 This ensures that we have trainers well versed with best practices in training and are aware of the changing landscape of training. It also ensures that you as our clients get the best possible outcome by attending our course. This was also NZQC’s way of walking the talk of ‘continuous improvement’ and investing in future proofing our training capabilities. In other words, we practice what we preach!

Trainer the Trainers  Image